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New Waterproof Assemblies and Connectors from Hunter Cable Assembly


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Same specification - Same quality - Different price

  • High quality industry standard waterproof connectors and assemblies same performance, lower cost
  • Circular M8, M12 and M16 IP67 waterproof connectors Designed for process control applications
  • DIN 43650 solenoid connectors A range of high quality connectors for sensor and solenoid connection

Would you like to keep your cost down and get the same quality? No problem.

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd also supply waterproof connectors and cables as a fully finished and tested cable assembly


M8 Series Circular Connectors


M12 Series Circular Connectors

waterproof M8 series

• IP67 / 68
• Protected from dust and water spray, resistant to oils and chemicals
• IEC60947-5-2
• M8 screw or snap locking
• 3,4,5 poles available
• Gold-plated contacts
• Operating voltage
AC 60V, current 4A
• Ambient temperature -25°C~90°C

  waterproof M12 series

• IP67 / 68
• IEC60947-5-2
• Design with M8 x 1.0 screw
• 3,4,5,8 poles available
• Gold-plated contacts
• Operating voltage
AC 250V, current 4A
• Ambient temperature -25°C~90°C


M16/Mini-change (7/8”) Waterproof Circular Connectors


Water and Dust Resistant D-SUB Connectors

waterproof M16 mini charge circular connectors

• IP67
• For Signal / Heavy duty transmission
• Metal shell with EMC protection
• Designed for harsh environments
• Simple construction, easy assembly
• Ambient temperature -25°C~90°C

  waterproof D-SUb series

• IP67
• Standard and high density
D-SUB connector
• PCB, pigtail, solder cup
• Plastic, metal and
custom shell options
• Standard & custom assemblies
• High reliability in harsh environments


DIN Rectangular Connectors

waterproof DIN series connectors

• IP67
• DIN EN 175301-803
• Protected from dust and water spray, resistant to oils and chemicals
• Poles 3,4,5 (including PE)
• Operating voltage
AC 250V, current 16A
• Ambient temperature -40°C~90°C

Samples readily available.

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